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Alpha Phi Omega Initiates Houston At Next Meeting
Published on April 1958.

Alpha Phi Omega will highlight the initiation of its Livingston W. Houston Pledge Class with the initiation of Ex-President Houston as an honorary member.

The initiation proper will be held in the Union at 3 p.m., Sunday, April 27. Following it the banquet for new brothers at the Sunset Inn will take place.

Livingston W. Houston was selected for honorary membership because the chapter felt that his work contributing to the advancement of RPI during his term in office is typical of A Phi O's program of unselfish service to the campus, community and nation.

Honorary membership in the fraternity can be attained by receiving a three-quarter vote of the active membres. It gives the honorary brother all rights and privleges except the right to vote in chapter matters.

Mr. Houston is the third member of the RPI family to be awarded this honor. In the past Frank McNeil, Secretary of the Union, and Emil Page, Custodiam of the Gymnasium, have been made honorary members.

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